8709 Water Drop 18w 0~10V dimming focusable led track spot light from ledingthelife

Product Description 8709 18w focusable Led Track Light for gallery artworks Product features1.Fo...

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Product Description

8709 18w focusable Led Track Light for gallery artworks

specification of water-drop-8709 18W led track light

Product features
1.Focus control the beam angle according to different objects
2.Uniform light,improve the utilization rate of light
3.Efficient heat dissipation technology,High class anodizing surface treatment
4.Easy installation and Safety design


Ambience lighting experts 
This illuminator is an integration of the focus control technology and stylish design. the product can be zoomable from 23°~49°, so different size of beam cone and brightness can be realized by stretching the front part of the light.

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Questions and Answers

What is our concept of light and pursuit?
Light is not only for illumination but also the channel for people to communicate.
So we will arrange the light position and brightness precisely.

How much light is just right?
Decent brightness with right position can creat right atmosphere and relatively a sense of independent space.
Light should be where light is needed,keep clear and not to interfere other functional area.

What is our core technology?
As a LED lighting innovator and cultivator specialist in LED spotlight,the core technology as below:
Focus control technology and directional adjustable technology.Light can move with the mind.You can DIY
your lighting space according to your mood,will and need.
Accurate light distribution technology make the light scope adjustable according to different objects.
Improve the utilization rate of light,no light is wasted.

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