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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

What is Unique Selling Points?

You often hear the acronym "USP" banded about in the business world.People talk about the "unique selling point"of a product or company.
So a USP,How can that relate to WoW? Well basically it is anything that makes you stand out–something that makes you unique. ?
Highlighting your USP in an application can really help it be successful.

LEDing the life's USP

1.LEDing the life is a LED lighting innovator and specialist in LED spotlight with focus control technology and Accurate light distribution technology.

2.LEDing the life's LED lights are flexible with focus control technology,and quality reliable with excellent thermal management by applying Heat Pipe heat sinking technology.

3.It is flexible because the focus control technology enable the beam angle of our LED lights to be stepless adjustable.The light can be changed from spotlight to flood light.
And the direction can be turned in this way and that way.That saves you space and worries from installing new lights for specific lighting demands or the changing demand of light.

4.Yes,the base technology and exists are already.However,Fitech is one of the first and maybe the only one who focus on refining and applying the technologies to the LED lights in the past a few years.And by developing its self-own patented lenses and moulds,and testing for more than a year,a series of focusable LED lights have been proved to be the best choice of the projects and architects,household lighting and commercial lighting,and it carries further.

5.The focusable LED lights by Fitech have been widely applied in Hotels,restaurants,exclusive chain stores,museums,coffee bar,etc.

6.By profound understanding of the users' needs and by paying much effort at developing fit/suitale LED lights with fit/suitable technologies,you must can find the kind of LED lights you want and rely on Fitech.

7.Quality control process,such as Aluminum machining,anodizing surface treatment, assembling are all in House production.

8.Drivers' designing,producing and testing are all in the own driver lab.