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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

1.Focus Control Technology

Light move with the mind! You can DIY your lighting space according to your mood,will and need. Highlight and flood light, light in this way and that way is at your distribution.Fitech focus control Technology make the above things possible.
Buy one get more! Is just a plain interpretation for our products with the focus control technology inside. When the showcase display is being re-arranged at the change of season, the spotlights can be adjusted to provide area illumination. Alternatively, lights at their positions can be configured to highlight the new design from different angles.? All it takes is an easy twist of the light head, nothing technical at the user's end.

Focus control technology plus direction adjustable technology and accurate light distribution technology create a new light concept: saving cost and energy, saving space for additional installation and satisfying needs.

2.Accurate light distribution technology

Have light went light is needed. Privacy conservation. No light is wasted, not money is wasted!
Fitech people’s considerate Lens technology that makes the above desire can be fully satisfied. That makes light distributed to the scope light is needed. Now it is an age full of light, in another sense we don’t need the light flooded anywhere, we want to control the light affected space so that it won’t interrupt the others. Especially for places that need privacy, place that man’s soul need to have a rest such as home, Spa, Sauna rooms, western Style restaurants, private clubs, place that need to create romantic or cozy warm atmosphere.?

3.Direction adjustable technology

Generally, spot beam is used for indoor decor and highlighting effects, whereas flood output provides comfortable area light. Focus Control plus direction adjustment technology in all direction, combine the two diverse illumination modes in to a single unit, maximizing its flexibility and versatility while saving the cost and space for additional installation.