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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

1.How many kinds of LED track light fixtures accessories we can offer?

We can offer single phase(two ways track) track light,two phases track light(three ways track) and three phases track light(four ways track)

2.How does the LED focus spotlight work to change the beam angle?
The Beam Angle can be stepless adjusted by stretching or turning the head of the fixture to achieve Flood light or focus spot light.

3.What is our core technology?
As a LED lighting innovator and cultivator specialist in LED spotlight,the core technology as below:
Focus control technology and directioanl adjustable technology.Light can move with the mind.You can DIY
your lighting space according to your mood,will and need.
Accurate light distribution technology make the light scope adjustable according to different objects.
Improve the utilization rate of light,no light is wasted.

4.What is focus control technology?
The Beam Angle can be stepless adjusted by stretching or turning the head of the fixture to achieve Flood light or focus spot light.
A real practical flexibility. How much light is just right?--is under your control!
Especially good for creating a kind of romantic or cozy atmosphere you want, or highlighting a shinning stone.

5.Which kinds of certifications do you have?
Depends on which item you want. We have CE,RoHs,UL,ETL certifications and so on.

6.Can you offer OEM/ODM service and how?
Yes, OEM/ODM project are warmly welcome.

7.How many years warranty of your products?
All products in 2 years warranty.

8.Can you provide installation manual?

9.Which items can be dimmable?
9036 The eye with ODM service.

10.which item can fit DMX system?
8319 Mini David with ODM service.

11.Can you provide 12V system light and which items?
Yes,we can provide 12V system light with ODM service.

12.What is DALI system?
DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It is an International Standard (IEC 62386) lighting control system providing a single interface for all Electronic Control Gears (light sources) and Electronic Control Devices (lighting controllers)
The DALI Standard enables dimmable ballasts, transformers, relay modules, emergency fittings and controllers from different manufacturers to be mixed and matched into a single control system. A DALI system provides designers, installers, building owners, facility managers and end-users a powerful and flexible digital lighting system with security of supply from many sources.
The DALI Standard is overseen by the AG-DALI activity group comprising engineers, manufacturers and institutions working in the field of digital lamp/luminaire control. DALI is effectively an enhancement on DSI control with the added advantages it has interoperability, status feedback and advanced control.

13.What is the LED color tempreature?
LED color temperature measures the color of an LED light bulb. It defines the amount of pure white, yellow, red and blue in a light. Another way to think of the color temperature is how 'warm' or 'cool' is the white LED light bulb.?Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin and is a measure of the part of the color spectrum that is found in light.A simple way to think about this is to compare the light from the sun from sunrise to sunset. At noon the light is bright and white, even more so nearer the equator. At sunrise and sunset the light takes on a more yellow or even red tint. Lower color temperatures will have more yellow, and higher color temperatures will go from yellow, to pure white and eventually to bluish, like you might find on some of the blue tinted headlights on cars.

14.What is the input voltage of the LED focus spotlight?

15.Where the LED focus spotlight should be used?
LED focus spotlight can be suitable Museum, Art gallery, decoration, living room, dining room, kitchen, beroom, hallway, coffee bar lighting application to create nice ambience.

16.What's the advantages of the focusable spot light in artwork lighting?
The beam angle of the product is adjustable.The direction of the light is adjustable.The light is more flexible to make the artwork be highlighted perfectly.

17.What is our concept of light and pursuit?
Light is not only for illumination but also the channel for people to communicate.
So we will arrange the light position and brightness precisely.

18.How much light is just right?
Decent brightness with right position can creat right atmosphere and relatively a sense of independent space.
Light should be where light is needed,keep clear and not to interfere other functional area.

What's the benefit to use the focus spotlight to light the artwork?the answer: the beam angle is adjustable according to the size of the artwork, and the direction of the light is also adjustable to the right position. so the light is more flexible to make the artwork be highlighted perfectly.

The advantage of the focus spotlight in artwork.
This product can always adjustable the beam angle.And the light is more flexible to make the artwork be highlighted perfectly.

19.can this unit 9036 the eye be dimmed? if so, what dimmer device is needed?
The 9036 unit can be dimmable and work with Triac dimmer.