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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

1.Master-Distributor Exclusive from Denmark

2.Master-Distributor Exclusive from Netherlands

3.Master-Distributor Exclusive from Czech Republic

More details: www.almicra.com     www.ledingthelife.cz     http://www.almicra.com/leding-the-life/

4.Master-Distributor Exclusive from Spain

More details:www.ledingthelife.es

5.Master-Distributor Exclusive from UK


6.Master-Distributor Exclusive from France





             ADD:ROMS 1102-1103 11/F KOWLOON BUILDING 555 NATHAN ROAD           MONGKOK KL, HONGKONG
            Here under named as Party A

And Party B:
(Customer and address)     
            Here under named as Party B 

Item:    LED lighting product with "LEDing the life"brand   

Distribution Territory: Country                     

Agreement: 1. Herewith Party B will get the Master Distributorship and the exclusive right of sale for all “LEDing the life” branded LED lighting product from the Party A.
                    2. Party A have agreed upon not to deliver these products to other customers in the protected area.
                    3. In return Party B agrees that they will sell and promote the products under the brand name of "LEDing the life" and are not allowed to deliver outside of this area . Party B must sell the product online and offline. And keep the online shop updated with the marketing material supply by Party A.

Payment:    T/T 30% in advance and 70% before delivery FOB Factory city.

Sales-volume:The first year: US$****
                        Every year **% increase

Current time:  The contract is beginning Month_4__ Date_13th___ Year_2013___ to Month 4___ Date 13th____ Year_2016___  and lasts for 3 years and the sales volume must increase 20% every year.
                         The terms of the contract renew automatically after 1 years if no one of the two parties cancel the contract prior to the expiration of the current term. The cancellation has to be done 6 months in advance in written form.

Others:            Should one of the two parties offend against the contract in one or several points of the terms, the contract is cancelled without notice.

(stamp and signature of the Seller)                            (stamp and signature of the customer)
LEDINGTHELIFE (HONG KONG) LIMITED                    Party B