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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

Video Of LED Lighting Design Project For XISUO Fashion House Of Clothing

We Highly Recommended 8319 Mini David LED Focus Spotlight for the Application of For Clothing Shop Design Lighting Projects

Designers should have a good knowledge of the products and classify them before “LEDing the life” begins the lighting project for XISUO Fashion House ,
so as to coordinate the lighting ambience with the store style.

After the detailed analysis by the lighting designer, this fashion store is positioned as a stylish and exquisite clothing shop for high-end consumers.

So the lighting designer needs to develop a special atmosphere to convey, display and improve the connotation of the apparels. More customers and potential customers will be greatly attracted if its characteristic lighting ambience provides the clothing new significance beyond the objects.
According to the lighting demands of XISUO, designers consider that the key points of its illumination are spot lighting and ambience lighting.

Spot lighting emphasizes the image of products to draw customers’ attention;
and ambience lighting heightens indoor atmosphere to influence customers’ shopping mood.

The Mini David, a flexible focus control product from “LEDing the life”, plays the main role in the lighting design.

It has special focus control function: Its 360° rotatable light direction function can provide the illumination at different positions

and the 90° vertically adjustable function can give proper light for objects at different heights .

Mini David’s flexible focus control technology and professional optical lens, to a large extent, create conditions for various illuminations and meet the needs for different brightness, lighting mode or area lighting.

When Mini David is adopted for spot lighting in the fashion shop, its focus control function can easily highlight the products in the display space. This may quickly draw the visitors’ attention and give them a deep impression.

As for the ambience lighting of the shop, Mini David’s unique penetrating light effects are able to restore the distinctive characters of the products and make their color richer and more vivid.

With the focus control function, Mini David displays the fascinating charm of the apparels before customers and gain their popularity.

An enchanting shopping environment can strongly stimulate people’s desire to purchase and thus the products get promoted and sell well.

The lighting design of a fashion shop should put the emphasis on how to attract consumers.

It is important to present the products’original color and texture feel by the artistic appeal of light and shade from proper illumination.

So the products may win appreciation from customers and develop the emotional exchangement with them. Flexible focusable lights from “LEDing the life”can make all the above possible!

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