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Video Of LED Lighting Design Project Of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum "Nanhai No. 1"

Nan Hai NO.1 museum application—show case applicationUse the flexible focus control technology, push and pull the front part of the light to realize different size and brightness of the light beam. Apply the zoomable light in the museum show case. The lights provide the most suitable beam to represent the exhibits in the best way.
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The highly anticipated Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum “Nanhai No. 1” ushered in a grand opening on 25th Dec. 2009. The success of the exhibition owes much to the contribution of the flexible focusable LED lighting product from “LEDing the life”.
Cooperating with “Nanhai No. 1” is both a challenge and responsibility for us. After studying a lot of lighting information, we took the following points into account before carrying out the museum lighting design project.
The uniformity of light; how to faithfully present the original features of the illuminated objects.
Anti-glare design. Visitors usually watch the relics closely , so there should not be any reflecting or glaring light in case of discomfort.
When choosing the light sources, we have tried different options to minimize the damage to the relics, and discovered LED damages the exhibits being long illuminated to the least extent , because it is free from light radiation, UV radiation, infrared radiation.
Dimensionally presentation of the exhibits. This should be achieved by a combination of directional and diffused lightening.
The EYE series by “LEDing the life” can satisfy the above requirements. The patented LENS performs perfectly in the uniformity of light.
The flexible focus control technology provides a stable and precisely controlled beam for the exhibits. It helps to customize the most suitable illumination for the exhibits, protecting them from being over illuminated.
The unique anti-glare design in the EYE series controls the light in a necessary scope, avoiding light wasting. And its light source--LED is one of the many light sources, whose light spectrum contains no infrared or UV radiation , so it provides protection for the relics.
The flexible zooming system can change the beam angle according to different needs to highlight the exhibits in a best way. The full range rotation adjustable design can highlight the exhibits three dimensionally from different directions and positions.
This is an innovative and interesting try. You will surely enjoy The EYE series by “LEDing the life” .

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