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5. UK

Online sales agency agreement(Spain for example)

LEDingthelife online sales agency agreement

Party A: Ledingthelife (Hong Kong) Limited
Party B:?????????????????????????????? ?
Both parties confirm: Party A agrees with party B to sale and promotion Fitech focusable spotlight in the ebay site of Spanish.
Party A commitment
1,Party A provide English version product parameter, pictures, and detail descriptions in English version, and assist party B to translate them to the local language
2,Organize regular communication and training about products promotion and sales strategy
3,Regularly updated product sales prices and sales promotion plan

Party B commitment
1,Party B registered ebay account,list the products in Spanish site,and apply for a ebay store in Spain site.
2, Timely maintenance and update published products and store content, research ebay rules and promotion strategy。
3, Research the local e-business markets and increase the other network sales channels

Cooperation details
1, After the order generated, the Party A unified delivery or Party B arrange delivery in the local warehouse.
2,By the uniform account receipts of Fitech Paypal,Party A sales return??? % to bank account of Party B monthly.
Fitech paypal account information:
Email: fitechledingthelife@gmail.com,
Account name: Ledingthelife (Hong Kong) Limited
Party B bank account information:
3,Party A will pay the ebay store rental and list costs monthly by Fitech Paypal.

This contract is signed by the representatives of both parties shall take effect as of the date, the validity of the provisional a year in the beginning.Both parties settled through friendly negotiation with the items do not mentioned.