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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

This instructions show you how easy it will be to DIY install the lighting fixture for living room with the 8335 leica and what other items you would need to complete the job
First,How to use this lamp?

There are four easy step


1.open hold diameter:74MM in your ceiling of house
2.connect the driver with your electric supply
3.fix the lamp into the open hole
4.finish works

I want to double check the detail process of the step by stey installation with you as below:

1.Make the new open hole in your ceiling with diameter in 74mm.
?Anyway if you want to replace your existing ceiling lamp,please note the diameter of the old ceiliing hole should be less than 90mm.

2.Then please connect the driver with your electric supply,the input voltage is AC110-240V.Make sure the power supply is turn off.
Please note the driver will come together with the lamp in one package.

By the way i want to recommend our 2502 easy wire connector termainals when you connect the electric supply as the below link and photo:
And you need a couple of the termainals for one lamp.You know live wire and the null wire connection.

3.You need to connect the lamp and the driver with the easy-plug as the picture.
4.Please fix the lamp into the open hole.
5.Then turn on the power supply,the lamps can work and you can turn the lamp head to change the beam angle

All right,all is done,it is so easy,right?
Now enjoy your DIY works for your perfect lighting fixture.