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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

How light integrate into people's life

by Richard Yee on March 25, 2013

    Today we have a discussion between the coworkers, the topic is how light integrate into people's life. Natuarally it is no longer the traditional concept of using the bulb at home, but how light integrate into our life and make our life more comfortable, more relaxing, or in the office more intelligent.
It't a big topic and we believe it's our mission to LED" ING " the light into the life perfectly.
    Just now I passed by a newly decorated office. It is very luxuriously decorated,but pitifuly it is really very uncomfortable,  because there are far too much light, and all light is far too much cold! All color temperature must over 6500K, you just feel nervous under the light. Yes,it make you wake up in a second but can also make you exhausted in a short time.  If this office is installed our 8326 Dawn, we will feel much better than now.

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