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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

Lighting design analysis of Hong Kong Elements Mall

by Richard Yee on February 22, 2013

 Move light with our mind, light up the classics.

Elements Mall is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, an area of over one million feet,designed from the famous architectural design firm BENOY , opened in 2007.It is the gathering place of the high-end fashion brands, many top international luxury brand flagship store has been established in this fashion shopping  leisure hot spot of Hong Kong.

In Interior design, Elements Mall introduces Chinese feng shui ,five elements - gold, wood, water, fire, earth, combined with the concept of the five elements to create a theme shopping mall that has a different format partition.

The five elements as the iconic theme of the region, reduce the aesthetic fatigue ,at the same time , provide customers with clearer guidelines ,to a great extent, slow down customers' fatigue causing by the big mall plane distribution.
Lighting design and shopping experience.

Shopping experience is an important part in market competition.How the lighting design create a good shopping experience?Elements Mall is a high-end fashion mall, designers through the abundant use of color and personality style shaping the fashion sense of Elements Mall ,affecting customers' market  orientation  from the  space senses.Its exterior walls, red, yellow, white with the fashion sense of the three color mark, simple and fluent line, coupled with the beautiful curtain wall, lighting become the architectural decoration.At the same time, light and shadow effect strengthens indoor decorative lighting effects, such as lighting up the ceiling in irregular shape , setting  off the mall's personalized design.

The insufficient of Elements Mall is its thematic art works without accent lighting to enhance the three-dimensional sense, reducing the improved effect of these artworks to the mall environment.Accent lighting with LED spotlights, lighting angle and range can be very accurate.

(Lighting use , color and the material of the illuminated objects combined well,  beautiful lighting effects give a person strong visual impact, let the market particularly noticeable in the evening.)

(Natural light shining in from the skylights,the patterns form the light and shadow orderly after carefully arranging .Different time periods the light and shadow change, and also enrich the space changes to increase the fun.)

Based on the the unique five elements partition interior design, the Elements mall lighting design also contrast the characteristics of each region through different means.Such as the wooden area that collecting health beauty and jewelry brand, the color temperature is low, give a person a little wooden sweet feeling;
The fashion district also the soil area, using a lot of beige geometric figure, lights dim, and a lot of natural light from the skylight shining in ,blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor, and create a comfortable shopping environment.

In the whole lighting, its light is relatively well-distributed, at the same time ,light as much as possible from the place on the outside of the human’ visual eye .The eyes are not easy to feel fatigue , the reduce  the fatigue feeling of shopping.But some of the places have glare, this should try to avoid.

The Elements Mall has over 40,000 square feet of skylights, 30% of the mall area with natural light,This ratio in the subtropical regions can offer the best heat exchange capacity of daylight lighting for indoor and outdoor.While the indoor temperature is affected by the influence of solar radiation will not be too large.

To a large mall ,route guidance is very important.Elements Mall combined the special shaped LED lights with the wooden board,the design of the guide visual boards are simple and delicate,strengthen the guide visual effect also enrich  the visual space, fill the role of the blank.

Flexible lighting design
Promote sales is the goal of the mall,We have previously explored the impact of light and shadow on the human psychology.How to stimulate consumers’ desire to  shopping through the  lighting design is a test of the level of the designer.
Shopping centers in different regions, different time periods is not the same demand for lighting, lighting design must be able to flexibly change.Malls smart control system will greatly improve the lighting effects, and management is more convenient.

This flexibility can be considered from the following three aspects:
1. Set different operating modes: the lighting of the different regions of the mall and its functional items to adapt to meet the actual needs. Different illumination gradient can be set up in different ways.

2.Lighting changes for different time periods: the state of mind of the consumers in different time periods will change, as the morning and evening shopping mood are excited, noon and afternoon relatively low, the focus of the illumination and irradiation have to change in order to stimulate consumption.

3. Create the dynamic variation of the lighting effect: the dynamic effects of interesting changes to attract attention, to extend the residence time of the consumers, and also bring change to the shopping environment, reduce the fatigue feeling of shopping.

The lowest energy consumption
The energy consumption of large shopping malls can not be ignored, especially in today's trend of energy saving.We should pursue the lowest energy consumption to achieve lighting effects.
The flexibility of lighting design  from the actual demand has actually avoid unnecessary waste, but should also be considered to choose more suitable intelligent control of the light source.The stable performance of LED, and the convenience of dimming let it easier to implement  intelligent control.Energy-saving also is to maximize use of natural light.
Under the conditions allowed, general mall will bring the natural light in , especially in the atrium area, generally use transparent skylight to save a lot of basic lighting energy consumption.
Natural light is the most creative light source, and how to take advantage of natural light should be a lifetime practice of lighting designers .

The mall lighting design trend
Lighting design is a multidisciplinary, involving a variety of disciplines, not a long history of development in the country, there are many places must to be improved.No matter what form of lighting effects, the core is making the environment offer more good service to life.
Illumination, color temperature, contrast between light and dark will be more in line with the physiological and psychological needs of the people, which will more scientific.
The design of the mall is a manifestation of competitiveness is also one of the separation point.Lighting can create a rich space level, different psychological feelings, to reflect the characteristics of the different space ,designers bring various elements to  the mall design, the effect of light and shadow in mall design is more prominent.
The mall design is more and more personalized, lighting design will getting their own characteristics, and more artistic to create more contagious space.
Not just shopping malls, private space and public space lighting design are moving in the direction of scientific, personalized ,but shopping malls, especially supermarket is a city complex, reflects the more comprehensive lighting design.


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