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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

The story of LEDing the life

by Richard Yee on February 21, 2013
Move light with your mind
Bright is the gift the universe gives to life, and life is the praise the nature gives to all things on the earth. After constantly simulating to the nature,people finally understand ,light is not a miracle, that we must make the best use of the precious gift.

Black and white, light and dark, our perception of the world depends on the existence of light.Human once going out to work at sunrise and going back home at sunset.In this area of not night, artificial daylight exists in everywhere.When it let people have nowhere to escape, how to freely control the light, then let the light become an important part of a free life?
The CEO of LEDing the life is one of the founders of  the world's second-largest mobile lighting brand LED-LENSER , the inventor of Zoom spotlights that removable,changeable,controllable, the founder of "Move light with your mind".

13 years experience and the ups and downs with the LED, LEDing the life gets zoom technology,the 48 inventions, such as Heat integration and "Move light with your mind" related knowledge copyright.

LEDing the life puts the "lighting design application and simple life" as the core research and takes "light up the life, light up the relatives and light up the customers" as the development mission .

I have deep feeling of the relationship  between life emotion and the space of light and shadow.The ideal product should take advantage of the scientific and technological means,based on the standard control industrial manufacturing ,combine the lighting appliances with light artistic creation application.And the final product value evaluation standard, should see whether it  can improve and serve the lives of people , at the same time for people to create  a personal and high quality life !



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