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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

How long does LED lighting need to goes into interior illumination?

by Richard Yee on December 21, 2012

Lnterior lighting requires the light source: to ensure work, study and living environment to achieve a  standard comfortable illumination and good lighting quality, objective display brightness and color of objects, access to the human eye to observe the real effect of the external scene.

In the high luminous efficiency, brightness enough, at the same time, the color temperature should be close to natural light and color rendering index should also high.
At present. the main issues of interior semiconductor lighting, namely, one is the need to improve light efficiency; the second is the color temperature, currently to adopt Blu-ray excitation the yellow fluorescent powder synthetic white LEDs, the color temperature is  colder; thirdly is the color index, color coefficient still far from the ideal solar spectrum are ideal; Fourthly, is the lifespan, real life is affected by many factors, from the theory life 10 million hours is still relatively far; the fifth is power, low power, can not meet the needs of indoor lighting.

LED into the interior lighting is the mileston for semiconductor lighting into the general lighting market, the most prominent question is technical problems faced, it needs to continue to develop from the following aspects:
First of all,  improvement the quality of chips epitaxial material to improve the internal quantum efficiency and luminous efficiency, increase lifespan of LED; secondly, improvement LED packaging technology to improve the efficiency of light, and to address high-power LED heat dissipation problems; moreover, scale of production, reduce the LED production cost ; Finally, to development new technologies to improve the LED color temperature and color coefficients.
From the perspective of technological development at domestic and overseas, LED interior lighting into millions of households is an inevitable process. Home Lighting if use LED lighting, this market will be very huge. The next three to five years is an important period. The semiconductor lighting in general lighting will be come into market flourishing. With the development of new upstream chip technology turn to be matures and vendors MOCVD epitaxial heat size capacity continues to expand, will greatly reduce the LED production unit costs, thus remove the largest barriers for LED lighting goes into the interior lighting.

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