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Reasonable Light Destribution

Creates A High Light Utilization Rate.

Trinity LED wall mounted light

by Richard Yee on December 18, 2012


Light is not only for illumination but also the channel for communication,

Light is not once mounted and lifetime fixed, the light should move with your mind,

Light should be interactive, light should be sustainable.

Trinity is more than a light equipment-it's an integral part of the grand interior design, an element of the decoration, that to help create desired lighting mood.

Function of LED focus wall lamp


Trinity is a wall mounted light that allows you to have variable beam angle. It allows the people to change the beam angle of the spots of light on one end from 18 to 55 degrees, unlike the traditional ones that the light have to be covered and wasted in order to achieve a narrow light cone, people can have a wide fan pattern of light show or a narrow cone of bright beams by adjusting the distance between the collimator but without wasting the light.

Trinity is operated by turning the button on the middle surface of the light, in that way people can have the desired light angle and pattern he wants. It is a light that you can play with and provide more flexibility.



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